Finding accommodation is a key issue for full-time students. ASM (Academic Housing Network) was created to help our students secure accommodation and find their way in the new location. The university has student accommodation, which it rents to students under specified conditions. Our offer includes rooms of equal standard. Prices depend on the number of people occupying a room. All apartments are located close to the University; the travel time is 30 minutes at most.

Accommodation costs account for the largest percentage of the total monthly budget. The amount required per month will depend on the type of accommodation you occupy. You need about PLN 1,500-2,600 (EUR 370-650) each month to cover the cost of accommodation in a private apartment. Students also can use a place in a hostel for about PLN 1,500-2,700 (EUR 370-400)

The cost of living in Warsaw is approximately PLN 800-1,200 (EUR 200-300) per month. The amount includes shopping for groceries, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills and other expenses excluding tuition and accommodation.


The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw has attractive student flats in terms of price and unique transport connections. All our student hostels are accessible within 30 minutes. Persons who wish to move in will be asked to pay a deposit, registration fee and the first month's rent (depending on room type).

After completing the on-line registration form, you will receive feedback with instructions on how to proceed.

The deposit is PLN 1,000 for all apartments
and the registration fee is PLN 500.

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What is a “deposit”?

Deposit is a payment that ensures accommodation in our apartments. The deposit will be refunded in full at the time of check-out, provided that no damage has occurred to the property.

The deposit acts as security; it is non-refundable:

  • if the lessee causes any material damage to the property
  • if the lessee does not receive the accommodation for the period specified in the Lease Agreement
  • if the lessee fails to fulfil his obligations under the regulations

AEH Student Hostels

Currently, the University has more than 200 vacancies in more than 40 apartments. In the years to come, we intend to develop the Academic Housing Network dynamically. It offers excellent transport connections. Broadband Internet is available in all hostels. Broadband Internet is available in all hostels. We offer accommodation in single, double and triple rooms. It takes about half an hour's commute to the University. The apartments have a shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are equipped with basic furniture - beds, desks, wardrobes.

How much do they cost?


In the bedroom with 3 beds: 800 PLN 1 person per month
In the bedroom with two beds:800 PLN / 200 EUR/230 USD/ 1 person per month
In the bedroom with one bed: 1000 PLN / 250 EUR/290 USD/ 1 person per month

OPTIONAL - START PACKAGE including bedding in various motives, cutlery, towels: 300 PLN /80 EUR/90 USD/osoba


The rent includes all utility charges (electricity, water, waste collection).

All charges must be paid in zlotys, euros or dollars.

Students must pay a deposit of PLN 1,000 as well as a registration fee of PLN 500 , payable in advance and the rent for the first month upon check-in.
If no damage is caused, the deposit will be refunded.

The minimum duration of an agreement is 1 month (for language course students) and maximum of 1 year , which may be extended to the next academic year in May (in the case of a full-year rent).

If students want to leave at the end of the academic year, they can store their belongings in the hostel; then they receive a 20% discount on the rent for that period.


Read the tenancy agreement, regulations and all the terms and conditions of your accommodation carefully.
Download the regulations
Make a prudent decision about booking a place in the student hostel.
Please note that the deposit will not be refunded, if you decide to vacate the student hostel before the expiration of your agreement.
Please note that the deposits will not be refunded if you do not cancel your student hostel reservation by 30 August.
Please note that the deposit will not be refunded in whole or in part if you have caused any damages to the student hostel.
Please note that if for any reason you arrive after the beginning of the semester, you are still required to pay rent for the entire period, including the period between the beginning of the semester and your arrival date.


Should you have any questions or requests regarding our student hostels, contact us via